Success Unattainable with Talent Alone

Issue 5- November 19, 2012

It takes more than natural ability to win games. A team not only needs players with talent, but ones who will work hard and come together.

The Los Angeles Lakers have a team full of players that could win. They may have the same amount of ability as defending NBA champion the Miami Heat, with teammates like Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. The Heat has won five of seven games, while the Lakers’ began the season 1-4.

The Carolina Panthers are led by a quarterback who has more records than the Beatles. Cam Newton is a pro-bowler, Heisman Trophy winner and two-time BCS national champion. He is arguably the best rookie quarterback to enter the NFL. But the Panthers’ record (2-7) doesn’t show it.

The New Orleans Saints are bursting with talent. Quarterback Drew Brees is a six-time pro-bowler and SuperBowl XLIV MVP. Running back Mark Ingram Jr. is a Heisman trophy winner, All-American and 2009 SEC Offensive Player of the Year.

The University of Southern California is a team loaded with great athletes. It began its season as the team to beat. They have quickly fallen from their number one ranking, now coming in at 21. Great players don’t equal top rankings.

I’m not saying that Nash, Howard, Bryant, Newton, Brees or Ingram Jr.  don’t work hard. I’m sure they’re some of the most dedicated players in the country. It takes more than an individual, or even a group of players, to win games. A team working together wins a Super Bowl, not a quarterback.

Many of the most accomplished athletes live by this motto: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Sometimes intangibles such as leadership, determination and a will to win outweigh the tangibles of natural ability. The player who comes to practice first, leads sprints and is the last one off the field comes out on top.

Talent doesn’t equal success. Hard work does.


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