Powderpuff Week

During Powderpuff week, I discovered my intense love for football. Before this adventure, I was fairly familiar with the game. I watched football on Sundays and knew NFL teams. I was always missing something, an inner fire and passion for the sport. I am now pumped for football, and each day I journaled a few reasons why.

Nov. 18: I checked out the juniors’ competition. It looks as though we will have the victory. Our coaches are focused and organized. Well, most of them. They divided us into groups: who could catch, throw, or block. I chose to play the line. I quickly realized that I have a lot to learn. (What is a noseguard?) As soon as I arrived home, I searched out my brother to request a private lesson on everything I need to know about offensive and defensive lines.

Nov. 19: I have been wondering if there is a professional Powderpuff team somewhere. That would be the most fun career in the world.

Nov. 20: Today was a break through day. Firstly, I learned the linemen’s positions. Also, I discovered that defensive tackle is my favorite position. However, I can’t run, and it’s super weird to block, so I’ll have to work on those. One of my favorite aspects of this week is that I can apologize for looking so rough because “I just got out of football practice.” I love using that excuse.

Nov. 21: On this rainy day, I learned that I love defensive end as well as tackle. Also, we got our shirts today! They literally glow; this we discovered when darkness set in at the end of practice. Once I arrived home, my brother taught me all kinds of fancy moves and the correct lineman stance, so we’ll see if those work. Tonight I was thinking about how many friends I have made since beginning Powderpuff. I really, really love my teammates.

Nov. 22: This morning I woke up and discovered I have several bruises on my arm. I felt so proud. My mom even took a picture and texted my dad with the caption, “battle scars.” I know we’re ridiculous, but my brother always comes home from football practice with almost completely purple arms, so I have to gain some respect while I can.

There weren’t many girls at practice today, so I played center. I had never snapped the ball in my life. The first snap was okay. One of the coaches told another that, “All the girls snap better than you.” The guys wanted to play quarterback or another position that they didn’t play in regular season. Another thing, practice was arctic cold, preparing us for game time.

Nov. 23 and 24: The juniors had practice both Saturday and Sunday, but I was out of town, so I missed both. I did, however, come back in time for part of our team dinner at the Dees’ house. I missed the meal, but it was still entertaining to watch football with my team. We also watched the Longest Yard to get hype for Monday night.

Nov. 25, Game day: The juniors were prepared to play in the freezing snow. We painted up for war. Then Coach Brannon informed us that the game would be rescheduled because of weather. I was so upset. Who do they think we are, a bunch of girls?

Dec. 4, Game day round two: Juniors won 12-6, but seniors should be proud of their outstanding performance. Both teams showed the coaches and spectators that girls are strong. They are athletic and competitive. Girls can play football, and they can get fired up about it.

I have to add in this side note: Bailey was a perfect leader. She showed true sportsmanship and was the toughest woman on the field. Also, our victory would have been impossible without the dedication of head coach Jack Dees and all assistant coaches. Thank you!

This week I’ve learned that football is more than what is on the television screen. It’s hard, brutal and takes serious skills. It’s not a bunch of guys running into each other. This sport requires brainpower, as well. While most fans focus on the quarterback or wide receiver, the linemen deserve respect. Without those stone walls, the quarterback would be squashed like a bug.

Incoming juniors, be prepared. The 2014-2015 seniors will be ready for a repeat win.


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